Lively Mind Art Studio  

A wide variety of workshops are offered to keep it interesting.  Rent the private party room or make reservations to utilize the main studio space if you have five or more participating.  Any occasion is a good reason to get together!  Team builders, meetings, social hour;  our studio provides a unique and inspiring setting to get your creative juices flowing.  

Hello,  Lively Minds!  

We offer a unique experience... "your" studio experience in fact.  A gathering space or a place for solitude; we have semi-private seats for a little solitude and studio seating for collaboration.  Put your feet up on the coffee table or grab an easel to paint in the studio. Ceramics are among one of the very popular offerings... come in and get your hands dirty!

Studio Visits

​​​Daily, weekly or monthly, whatever suits you!  Use the supplies available or bring your own. 

​ Visit the Boutique Gallery where local talent is featured.  Even you, a patron of LMA will have an opportunity to show your work during special events!

Some of our Works


​Lively Mind Art Studio 

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