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Hello,  Lively Minds!  

We offer a unique, studio experience. A gathering space for collaboration or a place for solitude.  We are a full service ceramics studio, offer acrylic painting, mixed media, memberships, events and more. No experience required. We'll get you started, provide some guidance and cheer you on! Come in to get your hands dirty and your spirit lifted!

​​​Daily, weekly or monthly, whatever suits you!  Use the supplies available or bring your own. Enjoy discounts as a monthly studio member.  Be inspired.  Inspire others. Collaborate or hang out on the sidelines.  Book a celebration or a private meeting.  We're flexible that way! 

​Lively Mind Art Studio 

A variety of workshops are offered to keep it interesting.  Reservations are available for 10 or more participating.  Any occasion is a good reason to get together!  Team builders, meetings, social hour;  our studio provides a unique and inspiring setting to get your creative juices flowing.  

Lively Mind Art Studio  

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