I'm excited to be your guest artist this month in sharing my passion for fabric, threads,  textures and color!  I make one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing, jewelry, bags and home decor.  Utilizing mixed-media to create dramatic art embellished with textiles definitely gets my creative juice going! Hmmm... is this art embellished with textiles, or is that textiles embellished with art?!?  With Halloween, anything can happen.  

By day, I'm a mild-mannered Construction Manager, but when not at my day job, I'm collaborating with my Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro producing personalized, wearable art for my friends and family.  

See you soon!


Please note: Advance registration is required for workshops unless otherwise noted. The online booking application is currently in development.   

The studio re-opened on May 3, 2019 and we're on to the next chapter!  

First Fridays each month  will feature special activities and/or prices.  In the mean time, we are actively working towards additional events and workshops throughout the month.  Thank you for visiting!

Mixed-media: Acrylic paint, wood panel, embroidery on burlap, tissue paper, marker, twine.

The Details

  • Project cost: $25
  • Drop in anytime between 6-10pm.
  • Allow 60-90 minutes to complete your project.
  • Enjoy your "me" time.
  • Mingle with like-minded peeps.
  • Relax and rejuvenate via the creative process.
  • That's it!  Have a ton of fun and feel great. 

​No reservations & no experience needed. 
Just pop in any time between 6-10 pm.

DIY - Open Studio - Parties - Ceramics

October 4, 2019

First Friday Phoenix​ 


​​​​​This month we have a special guest, Kit, who while visiting Phoenix for a work project,  has carved out some time to share her creative world with us... how cool is THAT! She is using her new "Phaff Creative Sensation Pro" magic machine to make Halloween themed embroidery.  We'll use them to create mixed-media home decor.  Super fun! We'll use 1/4" x 8'' x 10'' wood panels, embroidered denim or burlap or organza fabric designs, paint, stencils and random embellishments.  Plan for approximately 60-90 minutes to create, or hang out and play as long as you like.