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​​Get ready for some creative attunement! (IG) will host three 30-minute intro and gong/sound meditations to get our creative juices flowing! Vintage wood crate ends from Idaho, fresh off of Mantiques’s truck; will be prepped & waiting for you to paint on!

No reservations & no experience needed. Just pop in any time between 6-10 pm.

August 2, 2019

First Friday Phoenix

​You can do one or both activities! 

Please note: Advance registration is required for workshops unless otherwise noted. The online booking application is under development, once complete it will be a breeze to sign up!   

The studio re-opened on May 3, 2019 and we're on to the next chapter!  

First Friday's each month  feature special activities and prices.  In the mean time, we are actively working towards additional events and workshops throughout the month.  Stay tuned!

** A note from Vanessa **

“Humans often use gong vibration to induce meditative states. In this state, we are able to bypass our conscious mind (i.e. intellect or ego) and tap directly into our intuition and subconscious mind; both of which are vital to the creative process. Each 30-minute session includes a brief intro to the gong and it's history, a 20-minute gong meditation experience, and a closing discussion with an interactive Q&A."

Intro, Gong meditation and Interactive Q&A is $5 
(You can play the gong if you like)

Three sessions to chose from:
@ 7:00 pm
@ 7:45 pm
@ 8:30 pm

Vintage crate/painting (approx 12”x14”) $20
(normally $25, this is one of the FF$5 Deals)

Can’t wait to #getgonged with ya’ll!