Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary

Some of you already know that I've been volunteering here on a weekly basis since March of 2019.  It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time.  It's incredibly rewarding to support such a priceless mission in providing a safe, healthy and happy life for these beautiful creatures! 

Their stories vary greatly, as much as does those of the humans who care for them!  I've been infatuated with horses my entire life.  As of late, the connections I'm making with horses after all these years has grown much deeper.  The "Human Sanctuary" part comes into play this way - the energy I carry while around horses is transparent to them; and this requires a sense of mindfulness, awareness, calm  and openness on my part.  Sure it matters because they are incredibly powerful at 1,ooo+ pounds, but also because I want to become a more peaceful, whole, calm, understanding, compassionate human.  Turns out, that's what's required towards myself before I can be fully present for these horses.  That's the irony...  they offer that of themselves at our first meeting, giving me a chance to step up to that. They don't hide anything, they just "be" and respond accordingly.  It's a cycle.  It's the same cycle we "two-leggeds" experience everyday, often  ever-so-blindly.  (By the way, Jim calls us two-leggeds).

We're going to have some FUNdraising on November 16th, 2019 at the Ranch from 9-11 am.  You'll take a tour, hear some tales and then get to paintin'!  We'll use acrylic paint on a ceramic horse plaque.  All proceeds go to the Ranch.  Please join us and invite your peeps! You can get your tickets on their website here. Space is limited to 20 people so grab 'em quick!

Thank you in advance... and Happy Trails to you!



Workshops and Other Notables

Please note: Advance registration is required for workshops unless otherwise noted. The online booking application is currently in development.   

The studio re-opened on May 3, 2019 and we're on to the next chapter!  

First Fridays each month  will feature special activities and/or prices.  In the mean time, we are actively working towards additional events and workshops throughout the month.  Thank you for visiting!


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