Imagine a world where art and creativity are considered the norm rather than luxury. Humans by nature are talented, intuitive, multi-faceted and inquisitive. We are always evolving.  Utilizing our creativity in designing individual reality via fun AND purpose seems like the perfect way to enjoy life! ~Tosca

Polymer Clay


Ceramics, polymer clay, wood, metal, paint, jewelry, "shop"... are some of the basics offered at LMA Studio.  Special events take place to benefit a local charity or to highlight visual or performance arts... so keep your eye on the calendar! ​

Creative Concept

Foremost is to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.  The creative process can also be used as a portal to problem solving and relationship building.  Using art specifically or any style of creative thinking builds character, relationships and community; an overall sense of well being.                 

Self-Guided +

The LMA Studio is designed as a self-guided environment with the exception of workshops where a deeper-dive and hands-on approach exists.  Basic instructions are provided with each medium offered to get you started, so no worries on your experience level!  This is meant for self-discovery, building disciplines or simply for trying something new to see if you'd like to pursue a specific medium or move onto another.  

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