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Our Vision


Make your own pottery,  paint pre-made pottery, acrylic painting, mixed media and private room rental are some of the basics offered at LMAS.  Special events take place to benefit a local charity or to highlight visual or performance arts. 

The latest addition of the weekly Artisan Market supports our local neighborhoods, as well as providing opportunity for patrons of LMAS and other local Artists/Artisans to showcase their own work. 

Creative Concept

First and foremost is to have an inspired and enjoyable experience. The creative process also acts as a portal into daily problem solving and relationship building. Relationship to self comes first, BTW!

Utilizing the creative process supports critical and creative thinking; it is empowering, offers clarity, and provides a sense of accomplishment regardless of experience level.   All of which creates well-being.           

Self-Guided +

The LMAS is primarily a self-guided environment offering plenty of guidance along the way. Basic instructions are provided with each medium offered to get you started, so no worries on your experience level! We are a full service ceramic studio and a DIY open art space.


We thrive on exploration, self-discovery, collaboration,  and/or to simply enjoy a creative day in an inspired space.

Workshops or 1-to-1 instruction offers "me time" and a creative outlet that includes a deeper-dive with a hands-on approach.

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‚ÄčLively Mind Art Studio 

Imagine a world where art and creativity are considered the norm rather than luxury. Humans by nature are talented, intuitive, multi-faceted and inquisitive. We are always evolving.  Utilizing our creativity in designing individual reality via fun AND purpose seems like the perfect way to enjoy life! ~Tosca