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Resident Artist​

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 "I'm drawn to ceramics, painting, interior design, and anything "shop" as well as being known to dabble in several mediums.  I greatly enjoy re-purposing or up-cycling materials.  In childhood, I would to sit with a brand-new spiral notebook and a sharp pencil, pretending to be the teacher in the front of a classroom; so, it's no surprise that after a 23-year corporate career I'd have a TON of fun circling back to learning and sharing. 

Being inspired while supporting others is incredibly rewarding for me.  Utilizing the creative process enhances all areas of my life; from how I see myself, to exercising critical thinking and problem-solving skills within my work, family and relationships.  All of which ultimately supports health and well-being.   If this sounds interesting to you... come visit the studio and see if you feel inspired to have some fun!

                                                                                                                ~  Tosca